佛母的作品於國會展覽 – 11/19/2008

佛母的作品於國會展覽 – 11/19/2008

CONGRESS Honors Dr. YuHua Wang

Professor Yuhua Wang (M) arrived at the exhibition hall to receive a certificate presented Congresswoman Corrine Brown (L) and Congressman David Wu (R).
Professor Yuhua Wang together with some distinguished guests who attended the official reception in her honor, including Congressman David Wu, Denis G. Antoine, who is Dean of the Ambassadors of the Western Hemisphere, and various ambassadors.
Crowds of people appreciate the exhibits displayed at the exhibition of the artwork of Professor Yuhua Wang held at the Capitol.
Two Chicks under the wool tree. This art works are unique in the entire world.
77 stones by Wang


On November 13th at the Capitol in Washington D.C., several members of Congress and the Congressional Arts Caucus held an exhibition of the artwork of Professor Yuhua Wang and an official reception honoring her. The exhibition hall was crowded with people, including numerous officials and dignitaries. Many members of Congress, council members of the District of Columbia, ambassadors, and diplomats came to appreciate the exhibits on display. They praised the beauty of the artwork as being beyond imagination and praised Dr. Wang for bringing the light of beautiful art into the Capitol. Even after the exhibition ended, there were still members of Congress who came to the exhibition hoping to view Dr. Wang’s works of art.

Professor Wang personally attended the official reception in her honor. The hall was filled to capacity, making it a very grand occasion indeed. Members of Congress and members of the Congressional Arts Caucus added their support by signing and presenting certificates of commendation. During the official reception, members of Congress gave speeches expressing their respect for Professor Yuhua Wang. They praised Professor Wang for her outstanding contributions to world color-painting, sculpture, oriental arts, and the development of cultural exchange. A Congressional Commendation stated that Professor Wang is a selfless person whose moral character is noble. It also stated that through her practice of Buddhism, she benefits humanity and all living beings. Members of Congress who initiated the exhibition proudly presented that Congressional Commendation to Professor Wang as a symbol of appreciation and gratitude for her service to America and humanity. The Mayor of Washington D.C., Adrian M. Fenty, presented to Professor Wang a certificate welcoming the exhibition of her artwork in the nation’s capital and welcoming her to visit the entire area of Washington D.C.

Members of Congress who initiated and held this art exhibition included Corrine Brown, Danny Davis, Eliot L. Engel, Adam Schiff, Neil Abercrombie, Chaka Fattah, David Wu, and others.

Dr. Yuhua Wang was born in China and permanently resides in the United States. She is currently a research professor at the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University in the United States. She has been highly commended by the president and vice-president of Auburn University and by the dean of the college where she is a visiting professor for her achievements in the study of colors. Her faux coral and cobblestones that she hand-sculpted from light-weight material and painted have been praised in the Congressional Record as being “treasures of the world.” The Congressional Record also states, “In the history of Chinese art, her lotus flower paintings are unsurpassed…”

Professor Stephen Farthing, who is a world-renown authoritative scholar on art, the Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair in Drawing at the University of the Arts in London, and a R.A. (Royal Academician), evaluated the artwork of Dr. Wang. He concluded that her paintings may draw heavily upon the traditions of Eastern art but they present themselves as extraordinarily western ideas and images. He also said that Dr. Wang’s paintings very elegantly bring two forces together—the force that rejects perspective and the force of photorealism. In his short foreword to the book World’s Highest-Level Color Paintings and Ink-Wash Paintings—the Art of Professor Yuhua Wang, Professor Farthing wrote that that the space Dr. Wang’s paintings occupy was only opened up in Western culture in the 20th Century. He also wrote that Professor Wang’s paintings “…reach across cultures to celebrate the space that exists intellectually and emotionally between representation and abstraction, between a fact and an idea.”

It is said that a person’s creations are a reflection of his or her character. Dr. Yuhua Wang has always been a very diligent person who leads a simple life. Even when she is ill, she still attends to her daily life and is unwilling to have others do her work. All who meet her sense her goodness, compassion, friendliness, elegance, and noble character. Seeing her creations is like seeing her in person. In either case, one is left with a feeling of great comfort, ease, and peace.

On July30, 2008, the United States Congressional Record affirmed that “…Dr. Yuhua Wang…has been recognized as a great artist and sculptor.” It was also stated in that Congressional Record that she takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and West. Additionally, Denis G. Antoine, Ph.D., Dean of the Ambassadors of the Western Hemisphere, wrote in a congratulatory letter that the color forms created by Professor Wang are pioneering and without comparison, and her paintings unleash blissful emotions. He also wrote that Professor Wang’s works make people not only think of but also perceive a world of colors that brings a calming a peaceful impact on the mind.

The exhibition displayed four of Professor Wang’s hand-sculpted faux coral painted in oil colors. Those works are entitled “Glamour in Pink,” “Arching Branches,” “Parched Antiquity,” and “Cinnabar Nectar.” Another exhibit is called “Seventy-Seven Stones,” which are exquisitely hand-sculpted and painted faux cobblestones. Additionally, there will be displayed ten ink-wash paintings called “Spiritual Air,” “The Appeal of Lotuses,” “Two Chicks Under the Wool Tree,” “Ink Alone Excels Nature,” “Auspicious Atmosphere at the Lotus Pond,” “Light, Elegant Ink; Three Lovely Flowers,” “Yuhua,” “Lotus Fragrance Blown by the Wind,” “Golden Lotuses,” and “A Bit of Charming Autumn Scenery.” The three oil paintings on exhibition were “Flying Object in the Night,” “Heavenly World,” and “Exuberant Life.” All of these exhibits were authentic, and most of them were chosen by International Arts Publishing to be included in the book World’s Highest-Level Color Paintings and Ink-Wash Paintings—the Art of Professor Yuhua Wang.

At the exhibition, new reporters asked Professor Yuhua Wang which one of the works of art that she created is her favorite. Her answer, which she gave without hesitation, has profound meaning. She said, “Whichever work of art is everyone’s favorite is my favorite work of art!”

United States Senator Dianne Feinstein stated in her certificate of commendation that Professor Wang’s work in the oriental arts across the nation has distinguished her as a leader in the field. In a congratulatory letter, United States Congressman Edward Royce praised Dr. Wang for her outstanding accomplishments in education and art, especially in the areas of lotus flower paintings and sculpting.

Professor Wang’s hand-sculpted faux coral on which she painted oil colors are even more genuine-looking and more beautiful in form and color than real coral found at the bottom of the sea or on islands. Touching these works of art is like touching real coral that has been immersed and eroded in water. One cannot help but admire Dr. Wang for creating coral with a texture of having been immersed and eroded in water for thousands of years. This texture is difficult to find even with real coral at the bottom of the sea. The forms and colors of her faux coral reveal a quality of elegance and good taste. Such works of art are many times more beautiful than natural coral and have become rare artistic treasures. It is no wonder that her art is regarded as “treasures of the world.”

The cobblestones that Professor Yuhua Wang hand-sculpted from light-weight material and painted are exquisite and were made with meticulous attention to detail. These intriguingly and unpredictably varied faux cobblestones are not only genuine-looking, they are even more beautiful than real cobblestones. Their spots, streaks, watermarks, weathered appearance, reflecting light, and hues are all lifelike and exquisite. In all of their myriad variations, these cobblestones capture the spirit and form of real cobblestones yet surpass the beauty of natural ones. None of her cobblestones duplicates any other cobblestone in form, lines, color, or extent of weathered or aged appearance. Each cobblestone is in and of itself a meticulously and realistically painted work of art. Just like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflower Paintings, Dr. Wang’s oil painting on these cobblestones has been called wondrous color application and the most superb art in the world.

The ink and wash paintings of Professor Wang are boldly arranged yet lack the slightest trace of affectation. They have an air of ease and smoothness and convey a sense of complete naturalness. They express loftiness and broadmindedness and are imbued with deep charm and liveliness. Those works of art by Professor Wang can indeed be called ink and wash paintings of the highest order.

A great artist concluded that the lotus flowers painted by Professor Wang are the best in the world. He said, “She has an amazingly wide variety of techniques that she applies in an unpredictable way. It is hard to imagine that there is someone in this world with such adroit artistry. In her brushwork, she merges charm, strength, hues, scholarliness, graceful jaggedness, vitality, self-cultivation, and morality.”

The modern paintings of Dr. Wang have a unique style to them. Their lines flow smoothly and freely. Their diverse and unpredictable color combinations can express bold intensity, overflowing enthusiasm, traditional elegance, inspiring vitality, rustic charm, or majestic splendor. Those paintings are truly a feast for the eyes. Deeply embedded within them are feelings and wondrous skills. Her modern paintings are very sophisticated and should be carefully viewed. Actually, a magnifying glass would reveal that each of the many different parts that make up one of her modern paintings is a work of art in and of itself with its own unending appeal. This proves that Professor Yuhua Wang’s color application in modern paintings is another area where she has attained consummate artistic mastery.

Take, for example, her work entitled Yuhua. The leaves were painted with bold strokes, giving them a sense of natural charm. The stem was painted from top to bottom with one vigorous stroke of the brush, producing a gracefully jagged effect. The flower conveys the sense that it was painted with ease. It does not have the form of a flower but appears like a flower. This adeptly created work is not tainted by the slightest artificial brushstroke. In all of these aspects, Yuhua embodies the apex of artistic accomplishment.
The exhibits displayed in this Congressional exhibition deserve to be called works of art that are unique in the entire world.

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